Sivitanidios Public School Of Trades & Vocations

On Friday 1 June 2018 at 9:30 am the annual Archbishop Memorial of the brothers Vasilios and Louizos Sivitanides, founders of the Sivitanidion Foundation.

The memorial ceremony was held at the Holy Temple of St. Basil of Sivitanidio, a deputy of the Bishop of Thespilas and Archangel of the Holy Archdiocese of Syria, the representative of the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, Mr. Ieronymou.

After the end of the commemoration ceremony, the Bishop of Thespia and representative of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, Mr. Symeon, addressed the attendants, carrying the blessing and the wishes of the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, Mr. Ieronymos II, President of the Board of Directors. of the Sittanidious Foundation amongst others pointed out: "The hymn of the memory we have just stooped does not have a memory sculpting character, does not have a character of a barren historical trip simple to forget some, that is least for people like us who are benefited by these people, and it would be at least ignorant and indifferent to not remembering them thanks to the offering of this Educational Institution.

But the memory has a deeper meaning as it is the thread that connects us today with these people. And this thread is nothing more than an inspiration and guidance and a line on how we should move today by following our own steps. Their memory will be eternal only if we follow what they wanted, they showed and offered. This has been listened to by the Constitutional Lawmaker, who particularly respects the will of those people who have come forward for the common good and their common good, property and life. That is why the will of the possessor enjoys particular constitutional and legal protection and this will not change easily, nor can it change with the airs of any age. The will of history and humanity does not go where the wind blows, but where the eternal memory of the people of the supply leads ".

Subsequently, the Deputy Director of the 1st Sylvanidio Epitalos, Athina Boziki, spoke about the life and the work of the Sivitanides brothers, made a brief historical review of the Sivitanidio School's contribution to the Greek society and, among other things, emphasized "The value of their donation enormous since the establishment of the School marks for Greece the passage from an apprenticeship to the work, to the technical professions, to a system of organized and organized Technical Education. Having always been the model of the Technical Schools of the developed countries of the West and deploying the administration of the School, "in the hands of the representatives of God, the Law and the State" contributed to the creation of the non-existence of a pioneering and innovative educational infrastructure for young people, with the aim of rebuilding the country's productive base. The main feature of the 90th anniversary of Sivitanidio's history is the varied, timeless reality it expresses, crystallizing the history of the Technical Education commitment of the country.

Working for years now in the history of the Foundation, I share daily with fellow teachers, with the Institutions of the School and of course with our students common concerns and common concerns due to the liquidity, economic and moral-spiritual crisis of our time. Within this context, disagreement is inevitable. But it can become constructive and productive, activating members of the school community and launching prospects for evolution. One of the deepest thanks to you, Theophilist, and on behalf of all of us, please convey our gratitude to the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Messrs. Ieronymos, for his love and his full support both to the Foundation and to all of us. On our part, to promise that we will continually bother daily, for all that he, with his blessing, trusts us to do.

Mr President o of the Executive board - Honorable members of the Board of Directors and the EU of the Foundation - K. General Director. We thank you who care about the smooth functioning of the School and its steadily creative evolution. Finally, we are very grateful to our colleagues who, despite having been retired for years, are always present and continue to support the work of the Foundation. "

The memorial was attended by the Vice President of the State Legal Council, the Mayor of Kallithea, the President and members of the Sittanidio Executive Committee, members of the Board of Directors, School Advisers, representatives and directors from the school units, Sivitanidios Vocational Training Institute, of the Laboratory Center, The Lifelong Learning Centre (Level 2) of Sivitanidios Public School of Trades and Vocations (KEDIVIM2 SDSTE), teachers, administrative staff pupils and many college teachers and administrators retired after a long offer at the School.

There was a meeting of the attendees in the room of the Board of Directors of the School.