Sivitanidios Public School Of Trades & Vocations

The pupils of the 3 rd EPAL Sivitanidou School, Petathrakis Avgoustinos, Stathatos Loucas, Bertsos Panagiotis, Spyropoulos Stavros, Theofanidis Zinaidas with Professor Krikonis Marios took part in the final competitions of the school competition F1 in schools. The Final Games will take place on May 4-5-6 May 2018 at The Mall Athens Mall in Marousi on the 4th level. The models were designed and built by students of the School. The team of Sivitanidio took the first place in the category EPAL participations.

The project was helped by the teachers of Papapanagiotou Dimitris Mechanical Engineer and Varypatis Manolis Electronics..

The F1 in Schools program leads students to empirically acquire basic knowledge on Physics, New Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics, combining Arts (see Formula1 STEM Challenge), and developing valuable skills and competences (personal and professional , see F1 in Schools Employability Skills Chart. In addition, students acquire knowledge of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, learn to collaborate and work collectively on models of professional motor sport teams.

F1 in Schools has been in place for over 14 years in more than 30 countries with the participation of more than 17,000 9-19 year old students. Students from Primary Schools, Gymnasia, Lyceums and students who have not finished their 19th year age.

On Monday, November 6, 2017, at the Chemistry Amphitheater of the Sivitanidio School, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Tzanetos Filippakos accompanied by the head of the Electronic Crime Prosecution, Mr. Papaprodromou Georgios and his partner, lectured on "Safe Internet" and students of our school unit.

The whole event was extremely successful and we really feel deeply compelled that celebrities of this range dedicated their breakfasts, despite their extremely heavy everyday program, to convey messages of awareness, awareness and scientific knowledge to all of us.

The way of presentation and the overall effort they have made showed not only professionals with absolute competence, but human standards, who are interested in the new generation and public education.

We wholeheartedly wish every success in their hard work.

On Sunday, March 25, 2018, students from all the School Units of the Sivitanidio School participated in the Kallithea Municipality Parade in the context of the National Anniversary events. Once again, Sivitanidou's atrocities accompanied a group of percussion masters consisting of students of the School.

Congratulations to our children for their impeccable presence and thank the teachers. Vassilis Liararmopoulos and Katerina Lysandrou for the coordination.

On behalf of the Administration of Sivitanidio School wreath was submitted by the assistant principal of the 1st EPAL Mrs. Konstantinia Tsirogianni.

On Friday, November 24, 2017, an event on the theme of the Sivitanidios «30 years Erasmus - Erasmus + and the role of Sivitanidios Public School Of Trades & Vocations »

The event was attended by Mrs. Rania Kalantzis, General Manager of Sivitanidion, Fotis K. Athanasopoulos, Head of Special Programs of International Scholarships, (State Scholarship Foundation) Droutsa Irene, Head of the European Programs Department, (State Scholarship Foundation), Mr. Kostas Kaltsas, School Adviser of PE17 Electrical Engineer.And a lot of teachers and students.

Coordinator of the event was Mr. Vasilis Zafiriou, Head of European Union Programs, National Agencies and Association with the Production of Sivitanidio School.

At a ceremony held at the Sivitanidio School on Monday, March 5, at the Chemistry Amphitheater with guests of the General Secretary for Gender Equality, Ms. Fotini Kouvela and Ms Xanthippi Foulidis, Mrs. Rania Kalantzi, General Director of the School, announced the adoption of the non-sexist language guide to administrative documents.

Mrs. Kalantzi expressed her desire to jointly organize actions with the General Secretary for Gender Equality, as the lack of knowledge, tools and tools concerning equality issues exacerbates the gimmick of vocational and technical education..

The Sivitanid Public School of Arts and Professions is a multi-purpose educational institution with four Professional Lyceums, two Vocational Training Institutes and a Lifelong Learning Center, which General Secretary for Gender Equality could support and strengthen with the cooperation of the two institutions , with initiatives that promote and strengthen gender equality either at institutional or educational level. Scission or gender discrimination (such as racism) is a gender bias or discrimination together (biological and social). Sexism may concern both sexes, but it has been shown to be particularly relevant to women. It is directly linked to gender stereotypes and roles and may speak of the belief that one sex is superior to the other. Extreme sexism can harass sexual harassment, rape and other forms of sexual violence.

Non-sexist girder material is the material from which traditional stereotyped gender segregation is absent and in which (a) women are present, (b) their contribution is expressed in all areas, and (c) they include the changing roles of men and women women. It is the material that presents equally gendered models - in traditional and non-roles General Secretary for Gender Equality (2014) surveys revealed that the overwhelming majority of papers are written in letters and edits in a way that reproduces, albeit inadvertently, the unequal position of women in public space and thus reproduces the multitude of anachronistic stereotypes and perceptions on which the asymmetrical relationship between the sexes, women and men is based. It is illustrative of the collapse legal domination of the masculine public writing, always in conjunction with the systematic arrangement of articles, appendices and pronouns almost exclusively in the male grammatical gender.

There is the general rule of priority / proposal of the male in texts, which are mostly mentioned and addressed to mixed sex groups but also to women. In public documents, they ignore women by making them invisible to the public. Despite the ever increasing number of language and gender research, we do not currently have a coherent theory that can illuminate all aspects of this relationship. This, of course, linking different approaches is the attempt to uncover the role of language in maintaining the unequal distribution of power among the sexes

As the guide says, the use of non-sexist language is an endeavor enormously educating all the human resources of Greek Public Administration and more for those and those workers and employees who are either executives of Ministries or Regions and Municipalities , in order to eliminate gender-based stereotypes, reproducing consciously and unconsciously discrimination related to the sexes, whether in the exercise of their duties and in the preparation of public documents hours and women.