Sivitanidios Public School Of Trades & Vocations


A trained dietician works under the supervision of a qualified dietologist and helps clients and patients improve their health and appearance by estimating their specific nutritional needs and designing a diet program that has to be followed.


Graduates of secondary education schools, such as Vocational high schools, Technical high schools, General high schools and Multidisciplinary high schools, are allowed to enroll, according to m.d. 5954.


On completion of their training, graduates receive a Vocational Training Certificate. On the condition that they pass the examination organised by EOPPEP, they receive a level-5 Certificate in Vocational Training in their field.

Duration of studies

IEK studies include 5 terms (semesters). Four of these terms, that is 1,200 hours, are theoretical and laboratory classes, whereas in the 5th term students become interns and apprentices for 960 hours (Training Practice).

Job description

Graduates in the field of Nutrition and Dietology can work as freelancers or in institutions such as hospitals, beauty salons, schools, nursery schools, clinics and healthy food shops. A dietician assesses a person's or a group's particular needs and then organizes and can prepare a nutritional program. His help is also needed with athletes and patients, as well as with healthy people who want a nutritious diet.