Sivitanidios Public School Of Trades & Vocations


Sivitanidios Public School of Trades and Vocations is an educational institution that functions as a legal entity governed by public law. It was established based on the will of Vassilios Sivitanidis (12/6/1917). For its execution, the Decree of 9/7/1927 was issued.

According to Article 2, paragraph 1 of the above decree of establishment, Sivitanidios School is an autonomous legal entity governed by public law and is administered by a Council in which the Archbishop of Athens and the whole of Greece is a member, according to Sivitanidis’ will. A second member is the President of the Legal Council of the Greek State and a third member is one of its Vice-Presidents, who is approved by the President. Other members include four distinguished Greek citizens designated by the Minister of Education.

The Management of Sivitanidios School consists of the Administrative Council, the Executive Board, the General Manager and the Official Councils of the permanent teaching and administrative staff.

Based on the laws of 22/6/1927, 4/11/1927 and 5/11/1927, Sivitanidios Public School of Trades and Vocations is a law entity governed by public law which enjoys self-sufficiency and autonomy based on the Greek Constitution ( Article 109 ). According to the first paragraph of Article 61 ( law 1566/1985 ) on “ Structure and Function of Primary and Secondary Education”, “…Sivitanidios Public School of Trades and Vocations is still subject to the existing special provisions..”

Moreover, according to Article 28 of law 3845/2010 on “Enhancement of the role of teachers, assessment criteria and meritocracy in education”, as far as Sivitanidios School is concerned, whenever the Executive Board is mentioned, we mean Sivitanidios’ own Executive Board. By “teachers’ council” we mean the teachers’ council of each of its schools and its laboratory centre. By “Regional Director of Education” we mean the Administrative Council.

There are Vocational High Schools, a Vocational Training Institute, a Pilot Vocational Training Institute and a Lifelong Learning Centre belonging to the Institution. These units are not allowed autonomy. They are subject to the Administration of Sivitanidios School.